This game is an intellectual presentation of chess as puzzles with possible answers. Interested participants will be required to play the game by identifying the best continuation. They will be required to play using a predetermined format. See rules.


This game is played on polygonal shaped boards with multiple sides and Owas. Each Owa contains 4 seeds .Each side also has a grand Owa called Eguae which each player stores his winnings. See rules.


Snopbi is a two dimensional game of snooker, pool and billiards. The aim of the game is to use the diagram to answer the question by tracing the path which the ball(s) will move in and the appropriate angle at which they need to be hit. See rules


A game of letters, where players are required to form a word by placing or fitting the scored Character tiles into the spaces provided, that will produce the highest possible score. See rules.



This game provides a quote, paragraph, phrase, name, title or sentence extrated from widely read books written by reputable authors from all over the world. It requires the participants to provide (or choose from the answer options given), the most appropriate answer.


A block puzzle game where participants are required to use the clues provided to deteremine the most appropriate word that either explains, defines or satisfies the clue or fits accurately into the squares in the appropriate location.


Within the mesh of letter characters, lie words placed vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in reverse directions which appropriately fit , match or answer the questions. Participants are required to find these words.


A game of gigsaw puzzles, which test your cognitive quotient (CQ) by providing two pictures (A and B) of any sporting event. Picture A is definitive with its gigsaw pieces marked in alphabetical characters while picture B is an identical scattered gigsaw marked in numeric character. By matching the gigsaw pieces in A and B, picture B could be rebuilt.


Can you recognise your sport idols? Facesinsports tests your ability to recognise the faces of important sports personalities whom have distinguished themselves in various sports and games.


Tour the minds of darters(dart players) around the world in the '01 games (i.e 301,501,701,901,1001). Every week, you are given true live dart game situations.


"To emulate The Great, is to be Great" Old Chinese saying. Who do you look up to in the world of sports? Who are those sports icons you would love to play, dribble, throw, jump and score like (or against!)?.Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Rhonaldinho, Garry
Kasparov..............? Who are your sports mentors? Do you know them by name, What they eat, drink, ......, everything about them?


How many words do you know? How deep is your vocabulary knowledge? How long does it take you to form words? Show your word prowess by playing Mix 2 Match word game.


This interesting game is another test of depth of your vocabulary and should  stimulate your reading habits. If given sets of characters, can you create English words which have a fixed number of letter characters (i.e. four letters word, five letters words etc.)


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