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Every week we offer N10,000.00 in the game Word Score. We will display a diagram of a vertical word which intersects a line of 11 character spaces. Ten randomly chosen alphabet characters are provided which can be used to fill the ten spaces remaining in the diagram.

Each character provided has a particular score and the ten spaces in the diagram contain the following score multipliers - Double Word Score (DWS), Triple Word Score (TWS), Double Letter Score (DLS) and Triple Letter Score (TLS).

Use as many as you wish of the characters provided to form the word with the highest score possible. The intersecting character from the vertical word must be included in the word you form and the word must be a valid English word. Proper nouns and acronyms are not allowed.

GAME FOR THE WEEK - 24 October 2011 To 31 October 2011

  • M
  • A
  • L
  • A
  • D
  • Y

Available Characters

U 1E 1I 1O 1A 1K 5X 9C 3F 4R 1


 Double Letter Score

 Triple Letter Score

 Double Word Score

 Triple Word Score


  • A - 1
  • B - 3
  • C - 3
  • D - 2
  • E - 1
  • F - 4
  • G - 2
  • H - 4
  • I - 1
  • J - 5
  • K - 5
  • L - 1
  • M - 2
  • N - 1
  • O - 1
  • P - 3
  • Q - 10
  • R - 1
  • S - 1
  • T - 1
  • U - 1
  • V - 4
  • W - 4
  • X - 9
  • Y - 4
  • Z - 10

Playing the game

Note: You must have purchased pins to enable you play any of the games. Click here to buy pins. Each pin cost N200 only.

How To Play

  1. Visit the home page for the most recent games.
  2. You can then play this game online by logging in through the member area and clicking on the "Play" link. Your answers should be sent using the format below:
    • PINCODE - Enter the pin number of your valid N200 pin
    • ANSWERS - Enter the word correctly spelt.
    Or on your moblie phone by SMS. Send your entry to 32811 using the format below:


    Example: FIJI*PLAY:SCM MK0123456789DL 12345 TANTAMOUNT

    The answers may be given in any order.
  3. Provided that you adhere strictly to this procedure successful entries will be automatically confirmed via your e-mail on record.

How To Buy Pins

Follow these few simple steps:

  1. Log on to the members only section with your user name and password.
  2. Click the buy pins link.
  3. Choose your required pin denomination and number of pins required using our online shopping cart.
  4. On checkout from cart, pick your prefered payment option.
    1. Zenith Bank PLC
    2. GT Bank PLC
    3. Interswitch
  5. Once the transaction is completed, you will recieve an invoice in your e-mail with all the details to enable you make payments through the payment option you chose in the step above.
  6. On confirmation of payment, the pins you bought will be sent to your e-mail address on file.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Fiji recreation center will not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising from scratch cards purchased in non-registered outlet.
  2. Register your valid scratch cards at point of purchase by scratching the silver foil area on any scratch card invalidate the card.
  3. Only entries that reach the Fiji Telecoms systems sms center on or before the date and time of closing the game on a weekly basis shall be classified as valid.
  4. It is your responsibilty to protect your scratch cards, vouchers and pins. This shall include pins obtained online via GSM purchase.
  5. Participants may use multiple pins on any particular phone number to enter for the game. A multiple entry using one pin is not allowed. The first entry using any pin shall be considered as that value entry provided that the sms message complies with the correct format.
  6. Fiji ventures limited reserves the right to determine the correct answer to any question, puzzle or game.

Winning (Terms and Conditions)

For any valid entry to be drawn to participate in the electronic raffle draw, such an entry must meet the following conditions:

  1. Valid entries must score above 60 percent of the maximum score possible.
  2. Must reach the game server before 12.00 midnight each day.
  3. FIJIASEN club standard terms and conditions apply