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FRC/ASEN Club is a partnership between Fiji Recreation Centre and African Sports and Entertainment network, which is a network of people who share a great passion for sports games and entertainment.

 Who can be a member ?

Our membership is free. By completing and submiting the online membership form, your password to your account will be mailed to your e-mail address if your membership is accepted.


 -An avenue for limitless fun, excitement and entertainment.
 -Offers a total prize money of above $1000 weekly.
 -Every game is rated, your rating allows you to participate in bigger tournaments, Championshipsand competitions with bigger prize money.
 -You get sponsorship to participate in world championships and competitions
  amongst  the best in various games and sports with its added benefits, stardom,
  fame, luxury, comfort and lots of money .
 -It provides news on all sports and games.
 -Our online forum brings together a world audience which share the same
  sports interest with you.

 How can you participate in these online games ?

Every game is fitted with a filter that requires members to provide a pin procured either onlineor through scratch card/voucher. Using the pin number in combination with the appropriate string command your entry gains access to the game engine.

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